Gabriela Rose brand goes beyond superior quality products to sustainable and ethical fashion, while manufacturing and sourcing luxury products in Great Britain. This proves our determination to make a difference in this fast-peaced industry by maintaining age-old British traditions and contributing to local employment and skills. We manufacture our garments in London paying fair wages and collaborating with the very best artisans and suppliers in the country.


Our brand aims to create garments for daily life because we want you to feel empowered and beautiful every day and every season, not minding the weather or occasion. We do create trans seasonal luxury items as we stand for practicability, reduction of fashion waste and less quantity while investing in quality, design and exquisite details.

We promote sustainability in every facet of our business, from sourcing to manufacturing. Our garments are produced locally which means that they travel the minimum distance, ensuring we minimise our carbon footprint.

Allied to this, we use surplus materials from the English mills, which means we reduce the overall waste and help local suppliers not to accumulate unused stock. Using the best quality fabrics in small quantities means not only sustainability and commitment to environmental issues, but also uniqueness and limited edition pieces.

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